Borough Farm

Borough Farm flock The Borough Farm flock number 700 breeding ewes plus their 900 lambs. In addition there are 140 ‘shearling ewes’ these are last years ewe lambs (female lambs) that will enter the breeding flock in September and produce their first lambs the at the age of 2 years old The flock grazes over 160 acres of Borough farm, plus 260 acres of coastal ground rented from the National Trust, around the village of Mortehoe. The quality of grazing along the coast of North Devon is notoriously poor, although there is plenty of grass through the spring, the thin soil means that the grass can ‘burn’ during a dry summer. In addition the ground is deficient in some key minerals, which can hold back the growth of lambs. This type of grazing influences the breed of sheep that we keep, and over the past six years the flock has changed to become entirely made up of Romney ewes. Although this breed originated from the Romney marsh in Kent it is the most widespread sheep in the world, common in South Africa, the Falkland isles, and Australia. In New Zealand much of the sheep industry was built around the Romney. The real benefit of the Romneys is their ability to thrive on poor grazing and in some exposed and harsh conditions, on the cliffs of Mortehoe it is these qualities that are of most 

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