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Click here to hear a fascinating and evocative 1999 recording of retired Bull Nose Lighthouse keeper Ken Chapman. A British Library Millennium Memory Bank recording.

  • Title: Mortehoe, Devon (cf. SED Parracombe)
  • Shelfmark: C900/03582A
  • Speakers Chapman, Ken (b.1930/11/16, male, retired lighthouse keeper)
  • Recordist Hawkey, Esella (female, interviewer)
  • Description Ken talks about his life as a lighthouse keeper and reflects on the automation of the lighthouses. Harwich is a town in Essex on the east coast of England and Barnstaple (to the southeast of Mortehoe) is a nearby ton.
  • phonology H-dropping; rhoticity MOUTH [@} ~ a}]; PRICE [VI ~ aI]; GOAT [ou]; START [A`:]; NORTH [O`:]; NURSE [@`:]; SQUARE [E`:]; BATH [a:]; LOT [A]; lettER [@`] note also half [a:f], private [pr/a: I v@t], our [A`;], years [jI`:z], calm [kQ:m] and here [j@`:]
  • Grammar : past participle keep (providing the light was keep working every night) third person plural is (the people ’s very much the same) there is + plural complement (there’s hardly any fishermen around here) third person plural has (all lighthouses in this country has been made automatic) note the construction I shall probably be living in Barnstaple = I will probably be living in Barnstaple
  • Type sound
  • Duration 00:06:09
  • Cultures English
  • Recording date 1999/03/12
  • Recording locations Mortehoe, Devon: OS Grid Reference(245500,145500)
  • Producers BBC